how it began

The Gymnasia story started way back in 2010, when Alan decided to turn his lifelong dream into reality. This was after obtaining a Certificate 5 in fitness in the UK and spending years in Sydney, offering personal training services to private clients.

When Alan eventually decided to return to Malta, he found that awareness about fitness and health were on the rise. For a number of years he dedicated himself to private personal training services, gathering a number of well known personalities as his clients, until he decided that it was time to act on the dream of opening his own gym.

“The southern part of Malta has been in need of a gym for years. My plan was to open a huge facility with separate areas allowing for dedicated sections so that members can use the facilities in the most convenient way possible.”

“The idea is to catch those fitness parameters that you don’t usually get in other gyms.”

taking it far

We knew it’ll be big; we just didn’t know how big… let’s face it, it’s not in our sport to set the limit but rather to break it. On the 20th November of 2022 Gymnasia was re-Born in a new premisses that surpassed everything we had done before. This time exclusively equipped and thereby able to deliver a new and bespoke level of training and service, all housed the most inspiring 1000 square meter you’ll ever step in – Gymnasia.


“To energise and motivate the local community to regularly engage in activities that promote general health & well being by promoting fitness and providing the best facilities, expertise and programs at affordable prices”.

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