The Gymnasia story started way back in 2010, when Alan decided to turn his lifelong dream into reality. This was after obtaining a Certificate 5 in fitness in the UK and spending years in Sydney, offering personal training services to private clients.

When Alan eventually decided to return to Malta, he found that awareness about fitness and health were on the rise. For a number of years he dedicated himself to private personal training services, gathering a number of well known personalities as his clients, until he decided that it was time to act on the dream of opening his own gym.

“When I found this warehouse, I immediately fell in love with the location. The southern part of Malta has been in need of a gym for years. My plan was to open a huge facility with separate areas allowing for dedicated sections so that members can use the facilities in the most convenient way possible.”

Alan opted to keep the industrial-inspired aesthetic as much as possible, complementing it with modern steel gym equipment. The wide, open area is divided into a resistance equipment area at the back, cardio towards the centre and a totally separate section for classes on the upper level. A huge climbing wall, the only one in Malta, serves as a backdrop. “The idea is to catch those fitness parameters that you don’t usually get in other gyms. For equipment, I opted for the top brands”.


We pride ourselves as being the most innovative gym in Malta with a wide ranging choice of brand new state-of-the-art equipment along with diversity in fitness concepts. An old warehouse in Paola has been transformed into this unique training centre. Having kept some of its original aesthetics, such as the exposed concrete, loading bay and steel structures, GYMNASIA’s facility and atmosphere is unlike any other in Malta. We have created a warm, cutting edge gym with beautiful, open spaces that draw you in and enhance your experience.

Walking through the front door, you can’t help but be at awe of the high ceilings, inviting reception area and open staircase leading to the high energy studio. The cardio area acknowledged for its top-range equipment complements the general environment giving the gym a high tech look. Furthermore, the 50 square metre orange climbing wall can hardly be missed making an innovative statement on its own.

One may notice that further down, the old loading bay area has been changed to accommodate the free weights section. The concept behind the design was to keep the best bits of the warehouse’s original aesthetics, evoking the feeling of spaciousness yet maintaining a feeling of intimacy and allure.


“To energise and motivate the local community to regularly engage in activities that promote general health & well being by promoting fitness and providing the best facilities, expertise and programs at affordable prices”.