Functional Fitness

Functional fitness develops strength, coordination, and balance – We incorporate basic drills and various conditioning exercises to give you the penultimate workout .
Our Strong Box delivers an amazing atmosphere along with adrenal-pumping playlists and thrill-seeking lighting.


Calisthenics is a discipline where you use bodyweight exercises instead of external weight to workout and build strength, muscle, body control and burn fat. Our classes consists in full body workouts designed to accommodate all level of fitness and make you progress gradually from basic exercises to learning amazing skills. Ready to test your body’s abilities?


Spinning has grown into one of the most popular classes with powerful music on the bike: this combination has been proven as one of the most effective when it comes to getting fit and burning calories. Our instructor will lead you through a challenging series of hills, sprints, and interval training that will build leg & core strength and increase your cardio fitness. Ride to the beat & feel the burn.


Balance your body and your mind! This low impact workout will improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and overall fitness. Open to all, with no previous experience required, our trainer will guide you through a fun filled 45 minute session. Expect dynamic movements, isolated muscle holds and noticeable progression.


Sculpt is designed specifically for those looking to tone their bodies regardless of individual fitness level. Our full body workout class helps you build lean muscle and increase muscular endurance. This concept helps you improve muscle definition by toning your entire body using muscle conditioning and strength training. This well rounded workout uses free weights, resistance bands and your own body weight to strengthen all major muscle groups to ensure all muscle groups are WORKED!

Rise n’ Squat

Rise n Squat combines cardiovascular exercise with high and low impact exercises providing a total body workout. Apart from improving strength & conditioning this fat burning workout emphasizes on the core area whilst also targets the major muscle groups. Determination beats motivation and Rise N’ Squat will prove that right.
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