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this is strong box

Functional training is what STRONG BOX is all about. Make no mistake… functional is not just a buzzword here, our STRONG BOX concept is actually designed and committed to help you train for purposes and movement patterns that go beyond those of a regular workout – the functions that matter to you. This is what makes STRONG BOX so important to our clients.

Getting started with STRONG BOX is easier than you might suspect, you can of course register online and get moving at your own pace but you don’t always have to do it alone. For those who want to be backed by our elite-level coaches to benefit from the latest in science and fitness education there’s just one way to go – our classes.

Our team at Gymnasia crafted these classes around three key pillars; strength and conditioning, cardiovascular exercise and skills-development. Inspired by intrinsic and real world driven movements, our classes are naturally suited for anyone at any stage in their fitness journey. After all, who does not want to improve his mobility, reduce risk of injury, and perform better?

STRONG BOX is your door to real word strength!

specs and facts

Surface: 350 meters squared
Equipment: Top of the line from Kingsbox and Concept, including a custom made 30m sprint track.
Vibe: Unique club like experience, a must try!

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