hyrox lands in malta.

Fitness knows no limits, we understand, respect and embrace this fact.

That is why our team at Gymnasia is constantly at work to bring out all aspects of athleticism in everyone that joins us – we know that speed, functionality and strength all matter to that competitive spirit within you.

Now that we’ve set our goals straight, let’s talk about how we will achieve this.

Gymnasia is bringing in all the tools and expertise from HYROX, a revolutionising fitness racing concept that in 2023 alone has already hosted over 40 global races, together with an overall participation of over 90,000 athletes!

By combining both running and functional workout stations, participants are challenged to run a distance of 1km, followed by 1 functional workout station, for a total repetition of 8 times.

Your body will discover new challenges and trigger new stimuli to raise the bars and overpass any of your existing limitations. A total of 8 different formats are specifically designed to test and challenge every fibre in your body.

If improving every aspect of your body is what you want… keep on reading.

The comprehensive wonders of this fitness racing are not the only admiring factor about HYROX, what also got our attention and motivated our co-founder Alan to work on this collaboration is that HYROX is a sport for everyone.

By offering Open, Pro, Doubles, and Relay categories one can immediately feel welcomed by the ease of accessibility.

The common denominator throughout all HYROX categories is that achievement is for sure guaranteed.

Talk to us today to Get Started.

Here at Gymnasia, we bring all the tools and expertise under one roof, and not a single fibre in your body shall be unattended to!

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